swarm viewing garden films, 31st august in hamburg

swarm viewing invite
videos and films want to be seen
                                                         (scroll down for german text)

for the 8500+ titles that stand in the video collection, bildwechsel the active archive has invented a new format: the swarm viewing: films and videos that are related to one another ­ by theme, or approach, or time, or place ­ are presented together yet individually, each one on a small portable player (or the audience can even bring their own computer).

out of our garden film collection, which came about following a call for films in 2012 and had its first screening in may of that year at four corners in london presented by bildwechsel glasgow, we now present films/videos as a swarm viewing event im künstlerhaussootbörn on sunday 31st august, between 1pm and 6pm as part of the exhibition “fliegende gärten” the growing collection is complimented by gems from the bildwechsel collection and some new entries.

videos / filme wollen gesehen werden !!
für den bereits über 8.500 titel umfassenden bestand bei bildwechsel (www.bildwechsel.org) hat sich das aktive archiv ein neues format ausgedacht:
die schwarmsichtung:
themenverwandte künstlerische arbeiten werden gemeinsam aber dennoch jede individuell auf kleinen mobilen abspielgeräten präsentiert. auch das mitbringen eigener computer zur sichtung ist möglich.
nächste gelegenheit eine schwarmsichtung mitzumachen besteht am sonntag, den 31. august, in der zeit von 13 ­ 18 uhr. gezeigt wird ein erweiteres gartenfilmfilmprogramm im künstlerhaus sootbörn http://www.kuenstlerhaus-sootboern.de/1.htm im rahmen der ausstellung “fliegende gärten”.
auch gut zu wissen:
die wachsende gartenfilmsammlung hat ihren urspung in einem call for films ­ betreut durch bildwechsel glasgow ­ und fand ihre erste präsentation im mai 2012 in london bei fourcorners.

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8th December – now we’re in our 35th year!! hurrah

keep in touch wont you!

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click click

come and click – the bildwechsel end-of-year calender will be by your side, day by day, picture by picture, from december 1st to january 1st 2014 – an online exhibition by and with 32 artists!

bw advents calendar 2013


and get a daily reminder by following us at bildwechsel facebook

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How Do You Do? Global queer video notes

we are excited!!
videopostcards from london, glasgow, berlin,barcelona, montreal, amsterdam, mongolei, basel, zürich … and we are still waiting for more to come
mittwoch / wednesday chez bildwechsel, kirchenallee 25, 20099 hamburg 14:00 – 21:00
– in case you are in glasgow – mailto kate@ilovebildwechsel.org to find out where to go for a formidable parallel life-skype-experience – how-doyou-do tomorrow also at bildwechsel_glasgow !

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“how do you do” – global queer video notes

We are looking for video letters and postcards

How you are doing and what’s going on?

We’d love to hear from you!

It might be about what life is like for you right now, being a queer / artist / activist / cultural worker / renegade / adventurer / thinker and doer, about the things you find currently relevant. We want to know what’s going on with you and where you’re at. (more…)

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Cabaret and Dance – a benefit evening for Bildwechsel

 A benefit evening for Bildwechsel – for your and our amusement!
Bildwechsel, Galerie Broll und Evi, Nic & C host an evening of performance miniatures with shine and fire, an intense and wild evening at the Lido in Berlin.
Come and celebrate with us!

venue: Lido, Cuvrystraße 7, Berlin, U-Bahn Schlesisches Tor
date: January 20th, 2013
entrance: 7pm
beginning: 8pm


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the garden submissions!

Thank you for all the wonderful submissions

first screening: 24th May, at Four Corners, London where we will screen a programme selected from the following gems (more info about each film will go up soon, and details of the next screening in basel):

still from garden roll bounce parking lotMelissa Friedling: Garden Roll Bounce Parking Lot, 4mins 30, NY USA, 2010. http://www.melissafriedling.com

still from Here Is My HoneyEvelyn Rüsseler: Here is my honey, 16mm, Super 8, DV, b/w & col.,15 mins., PAL, Germany, 2010/2012. (Dir./Editing: Evelyn Rüsseler,  Cam./Costume: Nicola Müller, Prod. Beastie Production, Berlin, feat. Evi aka Bear Boy and the Bears of National Park, Bavarian Woods)
Bears amble through the bush… – thicket; the emotional is the infinite plain we graze on… and rub our scent on branches and leaves …
The film tells about the Deleuzian wish of becoming animal, becoming Bear Boy, exploring all kinds of bear butch behaviour.
contact:  evieuropa@gmx.net

Belinda Gilbert Scott: Caravan, 5mins, UK, 2008.

Bev Zalcock & Sara Chambers (Pitbull Productions): Dog Rose Afternoon, 4mins, UK, 2004.

Bev Zalcock & Sara Chambers (Pitbull Productions): The Deep Purple Film, 3mins 30, UK, 2010.

Lamathilde: 13 very short videos with garden ideas, c 7mins 30, Quebec, Canada, 2011. http://www.lamathilde.com

still from Some Last Minute GardeningM. Levine: Some Last Minute Gardening, 1min, Canada, 2007 http://ml.deadprince.com/

Stef Engel: Ostersonntag im Garten, 5mins 34, Germany, 2012

Marte Kiessling: Apfelmatsch, 1min, 2008

Marte Kiessling: Mein Kürbis hat Stengelfäule

Val Phoenix: In Bloom, 2mins 30, UK, 2008/2012 http://vimeo.com/valphoenix

a collective film by Ann Antidote, Lun Ário, Ola Marty, Iwan: Save The Place: timeless version, Germany, 2011 http://lube-nomads.blogspot.de

still from a series of little crises

Gillian Steel: A Series of Crises, 2mins, Glasgow, UK.  www.vimeo.com/gilliansteel

ulrike paul: an einem tag im juni / one day in june, 6’12”, 2010

doro etzler: blumenfotofilm, 2h, 9min, 2008

Swaantje Güntzel: blumenschiessen eine performance / a performance-doku, 16’

Anthea Black and Mr. & Mrs. Keith Murray: Glitter Bike Ride, 6’, 2011

Monica Peck: Backyard Unicorn, 18’15”, USA, 2011

Claire Walka: Queen of the Woods, 3’16”, Germany, 2011

Wassan Ali: Nature Park, 8’30”, Berlin

Ulrike Hennecke, Auf Der Insel, 5’, Berlin 2009

Manuela Schininá, Garden Loop, 2:17min, berlin 2011

Peter Max Lawrence, Memories of Us, 9’59”, USA

Marc Holtbecker & Steffen Krämer, Royal Jelly, 2mins, London, 2010

Lothar Mattejat, A-Modul, 4mins, Hamburg

Lothar Mattejat, Modulgarten, 9’54”, Hamburg

still from The Deer InbetweenHilary Goldberg: The Deer Inbetween, 4mins, USA, 2012 www.facebook.com/TheDeerInbetween

Louise Lockwood: Girls in the Garden, 3’, Scotland, 1997

Neigbourhoodgarden-Group Rosa Rose, Rosa Rose Bleibt, 6’, Berlin, 2004 www.rosarose-garten.net


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