Women’s Peace Camps film afternoon

Joining in the #Spritof68 season with Cinema Up Collective  Radical Home Cinema, part of the Radical Film Network.

Bildwechsel Glasgow and Fourwalls (previously “women’s”) Housing Coop screened two great women’s peace camp films, at home

Every Woman Here: Remnants from Seneca – peace camp in South Carolina
Carry Greenham Home

We had songsheets and singing in the garden, tea and coffee and beer and food intervals, and the films screened at the very top of the building and at the botttom.

We had our singing workshop in the break between Seneca and Greenham so the audience had an impromptu sing-a-long You Can’t Kill The Spirit! and more fun



watching Every Woman Here Remnants of Seneca in Fourwalls for #Spiritof68 with Cinema Up Collective part of radical Home Cinema

photo: Cinema Up Collective

Carry Greenham Home in t he basement meeting room at fourwalls

photo: Cinema Up Collective

singing some greenham and peace camp songs inthe gardenphoto: Cinema Up Collective

May 20, 2018 at 9:16 am

Document It Yourself

Junie Latte zine Do It YourselfVery happy to be featured in a Junie Latte’s wonderful zine alongside The Mitchell LibraryGlasgow Women’s LibraryNational Library of Scotland and OurStory Scotland

document-it-yourself-a-zine-about-queering-archives (PDF)

March 19, 2018 at 10:42 am

Call: Swarm Viewing at Les Complices* in Zurich

Bildwechsel’s next Swarm Viewing will take place at Les Complices* in Zurich.

“Both the winter and the current political situation beg us to feed our
ideas and utopias with old and new impressions. Getting together,
exchanging ideas and letting the mind wander: with films and videos!
For the Swarm Viewing in Zurich, we are selecting both old and new gems
and pearls from the bildwechsel archives… and hopefully jewels
currently slumbering in your mind or on your computer will help fill our
treasure chest of hope. The darkness is long these days and a three
minute video can be quickly produced…”

Deadline for submissions: 14th January 2018

December 18, 2017 at 10:50 am

submissions for the videopool: feminisms swarm-viewing

A swarm of audience, watching and swapping and talking about films.

At a swarm-viewing the audience picks their films and watches them in small groups or by themselves on portable dvd players.

Our next two swarm events are on: feminisms. 

Have you got a film you’d like to have in the film/video – pool for the “feminisms swarm-viewing”?

Contact: bwglasgow @ gmail.com, or info @ bildwechsel.org

Info about the videocollection: http://bildwechsel.org/info/en/video_collection.html

If you would like to have your work in bildwechsel’s videocollection, you can find out more via the link above, and see the Agreement Form at the bottom of the page.  For more info contact us.

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the Call for Submissions is now OPEN for GLITCH

Info from our friends at Digital Desperados
banner for Glitch - queer people of colour film festival 19th - 28th March 2015*Submissions now OPEN for GLITCH, Scotland’s FIRST QTIPOC FIlm festival

19th – 28th March@ CCA, Glasgow, Scotland!

Online form & guidelines: http://www.digitaldesperados.org/submissions/glitch-form/


More information: glitch AT digitaldesperados.org

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bildwechsel presents a swarm-viewing – at hamburg LA*D.I.Y_fest

swarm viewing DIY{another one for hamburg 🙂 – we’d really love to do some swarm viewings in Glasgow too but we are a little short on personal dvd players: if you’ve got any that need a new home?? would be great}


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swarm viewing garden films, 31st august in hamburg

swarm viewing invite
videos and films want to be seen
                                                         (scroll down for german text)

for the 8500+ titles that stand in the video collection, bildwechsel the active archive has invented a new format: the swarm viewing: films and videos that are related to one another ­ by theme, or approach, or time, or place ­ are presented together yet individually, each one on a small portable player (or the audience can even bring their own computer).

out of our garden film collection, which came about following a call for films in 2012 (see the submissions) and had its first screening in may of that year at four corners in london presented by bildwechsel glasgow, we now present films/videos as a swarm viewing event im künstlerhaussootbörn on sunday 31st august, between 1pm and 6pm as part of the exhibition “fliegende gärten” the growing collection is complimented by gems from the bildwechsel collection and some new entries.

videos / filme wollen gesehen werden !!
für den bereits über 8.500 titel umfassenden bestand bei bildwechsel (www.bildwechsel.org) hat sich das aktive archiv ein neues format ausgedacht:
die schwarmsichtung:
themenverwandte künstlerische arbeiten werden gemeinsam aber dennoch jede individuell auf kleinen mobilen abspielgeräten präsentiert. auch das mitbringen eigener computer zur sichtung ist möglich.
nächste gelegenheit eine schwarmsichtung mitzumachen besteht am sonntag, den 31. august, in der zeit von 13 ­ 18 uhr. gezeigt wird ein erweiteres gartenfilmfilmprogramm im künstlerhaus sootbörn http://www.kuenstlerhaus-sootboern.de/1.htm im rahmen der ausstellung “fliegende gärten”.
auch gut zu wissen:
die wachsende gartenfilmsammlung hat ihren urspung in einem call for films ­ betreut durch bildwechsel glasgow ­ und fand ihre erste präsentation im mai 2012 in london bei fourcorners.

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8th December – now we’re in our 35th year!! hurrah

keep in touch wont you!

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click click

come and click – the bildwechsel end-of-year calender will be by your side, day by day, picture by picture, from december 1st to january 1st 2014 – an online exhibition by and with 32 artists!

bw advents calendar 2013


and get a daily reminder by following us at bildwechsel facebook

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How Do You Do? Global queer video notes

we are excited!!
videopostcards from london, glasgow, berlin,barcelona, montreal, amsterdam, mongolei, basel, zürich … and we are still waiting for more to come
mittwoch / wednesday chez bildwechsel, kirchenallee 25, 20099 hamburg 14:00 – 21:00
– in case you are in glasgow – mailto kate@ilovebildwechsel.org to find out where to go for a formidable parallel life-skype-experience – how-doyou-do tomorrow also at bildwechsel_glasgow !

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