burnoutfilms film shoot ***22nd july hamburg***

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hi folks, it's that time of year again! burnout returns to the city that inspired 'blood on the decks'- hamburg.

shooting takes place on the *22nd & 23rd July at various locations around the city.
we are currently looking at places to stay for all visiting cast members but the sooner we know the better, and for you to all make travel arrangements.

air: ryanair, direct from glasgow prestwick until july 31st…..costs approx £70-90
sea: place outside newcastle. ferry goes to hamburg port
land: via channel tunnel/ ferry


coagula jessica birdshit, chicken version of carrie birdshaw from 'sex and the city', aspiring journo infiltrates an animal anarcho bike gang (a la journos 'infiltarting' meetings at the rural convergance space G8 time) she joins in one of the parties in their utopian gardenhaus and plays strip the donkey (with the ass). the next morning she sneaks back into the city and it has changed. she sees the horror of how capitalist society functions and is so disgusted she runs back to where she came from. the animals seem to be going somewhere, so she gets a bike and follows. they start to do an action outside another food shop but the pigs cops come and start attacking them all. coagula grabs the ass's cock and starts battling all the cops herself kung fu style with the dildo. the animals escape and she is eventually arrestted and then brainwashed by 2 scientists (a la clockwork orange) and re-released into the city. she bumps into her old ladies-who-lunch friends – mooranda, charlotte (the spider), lionantha and goes into her local eaterie. she stares in horror at the yellow feathers sticking out of her sandwich.
it hasn’t worked.
shots of her new life in the city living a responsible, caring new activist life.

INFORMATION FOR HAMBURGERS (& our requirements for german attache)


alan – camera 1
nosh – asst director – first aider – cast & crew care – scene organisation

*2 people to film (1 close ups, 1 main, opposing)
*water person – someone to water the cast & crew
*catering group – 3-4 people to prepare food beforehand and to organise it (money provided, all vegan)
*transport & driver/s – we need at least 2-3 cars, or 1 van with drivers
* prop lady/ costume fixer – s/one incharge of taking the props from location to location and repairing costumes, ensuring some continunity
* maggot wrangler – s/one prepared to handle the maggots we will need for 2 scenes
* bike person – s/one able to repair punctures should they occur during scenes



coagula jessica birdshit – marie c
lionantha – zenobia m
moowanda (glamorous cow) -?????
charlotte the spider – ??????

the ass – nosh k

we have 6 monkey masks, 5 cows, 1 rabbit head, 2 scientist heads
and we need people for them, as well as 8 maximum pig/cops (make your own masks)

 other animals welcome.
 animals with bikes also wanted


(we will scout also when we get to hamburg also)

 'starclucks' – a coffee shop (could rig up the butt club/ 'unter den linden?)
 clothes shop interior – e.g st pauli ones, one where we could film inside that has 'anarchist style' stereotypical clothing
 gardenhaus
 someone's house
 populated cafes for shots of people eating/ stuffing faces. a sickening one?
 street behind butt club & some of reeperbahn for bike riding scene
 kentucky fried chicken, or similar exterior – plus generic fast food resteraunt with an upstairs


 typewriter
 montage of adverts/ logos
 starclucks sign
 waxing strips (cloth & honey?)
 stereo
 projector
 bikes
 yellow feathers
 maggots
 food colouring (green/ red/ yellow)
 cocktail glasses x 3
 2 white scientist coats

make in workshop:

 pig masks
 own costumes
 cop oufits & shields/ batons
 capes
 pig/polis sign
 purple vulture beaks x 2
 cloaks
 flags for bikes
 generally have furry/ feather type accessories too


 anarcho hippy 'look'- stereotype
 combats
 bright colours
 capes
 mix into your animal character
 comfortable footwear
 bring your own bikes
 fur/ feathers


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pomme&kelly cock in the city – some photos from the burnoutfilms film shoot, july 2006 in hamburg

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