17th Jan: A fásli a zokni és a szőr / bandage, socks and facial hair

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still-from-bandage-socks-a.gifCREDITS TO BANDAGE, SOCKS AND FACIAL HAIR
creativ documentary

Original Title: A fásli a zokni és a szőr
English Title : Bandage, socks and facial hair
Language: Hungarian, English
Subtitle: English
Running time: 35 min.

2-still-from-bandage-socks.gifDate and place of the first public performance: June 2006 XI. LGBT Fest Budapest

Filmmakers (the same as producers) name: Dudás Dorottya (DeDe), Muszter, Horváth Nóra (Noar), Takács Mária (Mari)

Contact address: Maria Takács 1091 Budapest Üllői str. 69. Hungary
Telefon: +36-70-940-5442
e-mail: taria@freemail.hu
fax: +36-1-2152404

Director of Photography: Muszter, Nóra Horváth
Editor and reporter: Maria Takács
Narration: Dorottya Dudás
Actors: Andy, Axel, Fyn, Justin, Tony, Koco, Sándor, Giorgio, Dávid, Balázs, Alejandro ..

Name of the distributor: Maria Takács
Address: 1091 Budapest Üllői str. 69. Hungary
tel: +36-70-940-5442
fax: +36-1-2152404
e-mail: taria@freemail.hu

short synopsys:

Bandage, socks, facial hair

It’s the end of the Jedi age, the Empire rules the Galaxy with an iron fist. The spirit of revolt is not dead yet though. The most daring get bandage, socks and facial hair. A group of female revolutionaries depolarize the male-female order of the Galaxy for a day. They strike back as dragkings.

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