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Fuckface and the Cowboys from Space


Burnout Films (in association with bildwechsel glasgow) present the premiere of the third Burnout Films production: Fuckface and the Cowboys from Space

Wednesday 18th July, 7.30pm at cca

A free but ticketed event – get your tickets at the cca box office:

Tel. 0141 352 4900. cca, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Fuckface and the Cowboys from Space, Burnout Films, 2006

Years in the making, FF&TCFS is an epoch-spanning, laser-blasting technicolour whirl of a sci-fi western. Fuckface of the planet Fagon, a noble but idiotic Disco Robot, attempts to save his people from the oppressive rule of the Space Cowboys. Contains lots of nudity and violence, but no swearing, sorry.

Also showing:

Amazing Graves – Burnout Films, UK, 13mins, 2005

Dandy Zombies and Rockabilly Werewolves battle through dance in the Glasgow necropolis!

Blood On The Decks
Burnout Films, 8mins, 2004

Viking Warrior Princesses versus Pirate Lesbian Vampires. Blood thirsty pirate lesbian vampires create havoc and mayhem with their lust for stolen Viking treasure on an uninhabited island. Or is it uninhabited? A battle ensues between the two parties with a surprising outcome.

Bruno The Bear – Hamburg, 3mins, 2006

A collective made, shot-in-a-day film – made following the shooting of the last Burnout film, Cock in the City (filmed in Hamburg Summer 2006). Based on the true story of Bruno the bear who escaped from a Germany Zoo and was shot dead!

– noha, scary d & kaka, Netherlands, 3mins, 200

a reconnecting male experience video sketch

Shitty Rail – Come and Ride the Train
– Shitty Rail Tranny Cop Dance Troupe, Australia,6mins

A musical skit by the Trannycop Dance Troupe, a group of female activists who regularly perform ultra gay dance routines dragged up as cops in the frontline at various protects and actions. /Shitty Rail/ is a humorous look at the increasing violence of the police onboard trains. for more short videos

Working Zombie Blues – Shona Donaldson, 3mins, 2006

Made-in-a-day, zombie short

Isel´s Tätoostube, Isabel Obrecht, 2006

Isel´s Tätoostube shows up in clubs, festivals, events, happenings….this film documents the performance tattoo artist at a Zine Fest last year in Switzerland. Bands and Tattoing.

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