bildwechsel glasgow screening 5th March at the cca

February 11, 2008 at 6:17 pm


Bildwechsel Glasgow presents…. independent and d.i.y. films from glasgow, scottish, uk and international women / lesbian / transgender / feminist / queer film makers

Boberger Cowboys (Even Cowgirls….; In the middle of nowhere), Ines Voigts, 3:27 and 2:15, 2007, Germany
Two shorts made from footage filmed on a diy film-in-a-day bildwechsel outing to the Boberger Dunes in Hamburg. Using no dialogue the camera follows plaid shirts, boots, hats, cigarettes and caresses, and there’s dancing!

Hotter than hell, Eliana Ivarsdotter Haddad, 3:38, 2007, Sweden
What is “performing gender”? Is there any state you can be in when you are not performing gender? What is a “Drag King”? Is the Drag King performing gender to any further extent than an “ordinary” man?

Family Reunion, Isold Uggadottir, 19:00, 2006, Iceland
Katrin travels home to Iceland in Family Reunion for her Grandfather’s birthday – could this be the right moment for a Coming Out?


Lupine Katharina Duve, 12:06, 2006/2007, Germany (original format 16mm)
Two women who used to be in love. One remembers the time they had together, but the arrival of a letter upsets her reminiscence. Love, fantasy, and romance are explored in this experimental short.

Do androgyns dream of electric sheep, An Kaler, 5mins, 2006, Austria
An Kaler’s sparse Do Androgyns Dream Of Electric Sheep? uses movement and repetition to explore the workings of a queer body.


Spinning, Heidi Arnesen, 7:30, 2006, Norway
A blackout at the gym finds three women in a steamy encounter in the showers. And if people who touch each other live longer, then hit the light switch!

The Corner, Christina Schafer, 2:32, 2007, Germany
When everything’s gone quiet on the normally busy, noisy night time street corners… what happened to the people who worked there. A poetic short film.

we become our own wolves

We become our own wolves, Jessica MacCormack, 4:24, 2007, Canada
In 2007 Jessica worked on an art project with the women in The Isabel MacNeil House (the only low security federal prison for women in Canada). The paintings and drawings they produced were created into an animation (no cameras are allowed in the facility), put to the music of “We become our own wolves” by Rae Spoon.


Wednesday 5th March, 7.30pm at cca
A free but ticketed event – get your tickets at the cca box office: Tel.
0141 352 4900. cca, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

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