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Call for films

The 20th Hamburg International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival will run from
the 20th to the 25th of October, 2009.

For this year’s collaboration with the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival we are
inviting the Chubsters from London.

Therefore we are looking for films dealing with being fat, fat pride,
beauty norms and fat-phobia.

Please send your films, documentaries, animations, video-performances etc.
so we can make a great film programme!

After the screening all tapes will be archived at the Bildwechsel archives.

Please send your work along with the agreement for film/video donors
( to:

Kirchenallee 24
20099 Hamburg

We accept: vhs, dvd, mini-dv (please contact us, if you have other formats)

Please forward this information on to others

We are looking forward to your contributions!
Bildwechsel Hamburg

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Permanent Conference of Artistic Resources

17th – 25th September, Glasgow – Permanent Conference of Artistic Resources (aka Europe Supports Artists)

This will be the fourth meeting of the Permanent Conference (Hamburg in 2007, Warsaw beginning of 2008, Basel October 2008) and this year our theme is Experiments In Living – (Artist) Communities.

Please visit the website and send us your examples of ‘experiments in living’:  ideas, drawings, research, films, photos, links…….for the site and for the project (we’ve just started on this bit of the site and we need your help to get more info on there… and to inform the project in September) –  we are interested in realities, histories, utopias and imaginings, in communities and groups, homes and buildings, networks and connections… feel free to add to the list of categories on the page.

Read on for more info about what we’ve planned so far – and get in touch if you fancy being involved and/or have some suggestions for the week….


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