FW: CCA invites you to Subject in Process, a symposium on art and feminism

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Update 26th August: Article in The List: Symposium on feminism and art set for Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow
CCA invites you to Subject in Process, a symposium on art and feminism.

Saturday 5 September 2009
10:00am – 10:00pm: FREE (ticketed)
Venue: CCA 5
Ages: 15 and over

Sarah Browne (University of Dundee)
Sam Ainsley (Glasgow School of Art)
Dr. Fiona Bradley (The Fruitmarket Gallery)
Kathryn Elkin (writer, curator of Moots Points and Critical Applause)

Dr. Adele Patrick (Women’s Library)

Chaired by Dr. Sarah Lowndes (Glasgow School of Art)

Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker, “Town Bloody Hall” (1979)
Cathy Wilkes, “Most Women Never Experience” (2005)
Torsten Lauschmann, “I Give you all My Money” (2008)
Emma Hedditch, “Raising A Resister” (2001)
Emily Roysdon, “Social Movement” (2004) and “Living the Sacrifice” (2006).

Plus! live set by Muscles of Joy
Co-organised by Kathryn Elkin, Sarah Lowndes and Louise Shelley

Background to the symposium

In the Linda Nochlin essay, “Why Are There no Great Women Artists?” (1988), she writes, ‘The problem lies not so much with some feminists’ concept of what femininity is, but rather with their misconception -shared with the public at large- of what art is: with the naive idea that art is the direct, personal expression of individual emotional experience, a translation of personal life into visual terms. Art is almost never that, great art never is.’

The ‘Subject in Process’ symposium will seek to ask if artists could be considered to have an obligation to connect with events in the real world. The title of the symposium is derived from Julia Kristeva’s book Polylogue (1977), in which she highlights the “motility” that characterizes the creation of the subject, which automatically disrupts the totalitarianism of a system intrinsically bound to it: language. What she is attempting is to discern the actual experience of the subject, which breaks out of the enclosure of its individuality, thanks to its ability to set itself in motion, and in language expresses a dynamic, signifying logic.

Preceding the presentations, there will be a screening of Town Bloody Hall (1979), Chris Hegedus and DA Pennebaker’s documentary film of the Debate on Women’s Liberation, which took place at New York City Hall in 1971. The speakers were Jill Johnston, Diana Trilling, Jacqueline Ceballos and Germaine Greer, and the debate was chaired by Norman Mailer. There were also contributions from the floor, from Betty Friedan and Susan Sontag, amongst others.

Following the morning presentations and preceding the afternoon discussion, we will be showing a quartet of recent short films.

Following the symposium there will be a live set by Muscles of Joy, the Glasgow-based band, who often use improvisation, unconventional musical techniques and self-made instruments. The group is comprised of artists Anne-Marie Copestake, Ariki Portoeus, Charlotte Prodger, Jenny O’Boyle, Katy Dove, Leigh Ferguson, Sophie Macpherson and Victoria Morton. Since forming in 2008, the band has played to critical acclaim at Transmission and the Bridge in Glasgow, Dundee Contemporary Arts and Le Weekend festival in Stirling.

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