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‘Experiments in Living’ film screening

groupTuesday 22 September 2009
7:30pm : FREE
Venue: CCA 4 (cinema)

‘Experiments In Living’ is the Bildwechsel theme for 2009, and of our week long meeting in Glasgow (17th – 23rd September).

Our focus is on artists’ and women’s and queer communities, groups, ways of organising and working and living. The screening this evening includes work submitted following our joint Call for Films with LaD.I.Y.Fest Berlin, as well as work from the Bildwechsel archives.

A Year of Sisterhood – Åsa Elzén and Sonia Hedstrand, Sweden, 2005 (excerpts 18′)

Safe Slut – – a carnival through Valla Torg, Theresa von Hofsten and Therese Kristianson, Sweden, 2009 (6′)
The New Beauty Council presents the documentation of a staged midnight carnival performed by a group of women, challenging the values and social rules maintained by society with their own bodies as a tool and the masquerade as a strategy to move between different identities.
It is an investigation and action dealing with ideas of safety, danger, rape, the body, gender and space.
The group had beforehand met at several occasions to plan the performance and to discuss the potentiality of appropriating space with ones’ own body – if this experience on a personal level could change the meaning of the space and values given to it?
Collaborators: Thérèse Kristiansson & Theresa von Hofsten, Hannah Goldstein, Karin Drake, Maria Breide, Sara Ullman, Emma Lundqvist, Hedvig Nathorst-Böös. And many thanks to Memona Khamara and Line Dalmar for painting our outfits.

Moving Home – Inger Schwarz, Koln (2′)

Im Gartenhaus – Eva Kietzman and Sabine Rollnik, Hamburg, 2008 (5′)

Reality Recycling – Kori Klima and Gaby Wiegelmann, 2009 (2’30”)
A photomachine in a learning process…

Zeroes and Ones – Catalina Jordan, Berlin, 2009 (5’43”)

Family – Digital Desperados, Glasgow, 2009 (7’)

Gender Poo – Riot Coco, 2005 – 2009, Montreal (1’35”)

Der Park – Regina Assmann, Berlin 1994 (2’30”)

Project website (a work in progress)

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A photomachine in a learning process…

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old lined paper-SIDEFRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th 2009
6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
@ bildwechsel’s ‘Experiments in Living’, at The Albany, corner of Ashley St and Carnarvon St (please use Carnarvon St entrance), Glasgow (more…)

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Experiments in Living flyer

please print it out, put it up, send it on:  flyer

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Monday 21st September: update on film programme

We have a new addition to the programme for the 21st:

The Fridge Under The Kitchen Wagon – Der Schwarze Kanal, 50’, Line Kühl, Bettina Mooshammer, Sophie Grohmann, Berlin 2008, German with English Subtitles

Documentary about life on the wagonplace Schwarzer Kanal in Berlin Mitte. The queer space is under constant threat of eviction by the city hall, landlord and neighbours.

6pm – Eat What You Find For Free Cafe
7pm – film programme, starting wih Under The Kitchen Wagon and followed by a programme of queer collective-made short films. PLUS the premiere of the new Burnout film Cock and the City!

More info here

Experiments in Living

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Sh[OUT] Against Censorship

Facebook page now online at

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Statement from Bildwechsel Glasgow on the censorship of work at Glasgow’s Museum of Modern Art

You may have heard that Culture and Sport Glasgow (the body responsible for art galleries, libraries and sports centres in Glasgow) and the Gallery of Modern Art have recently decided not to show a number of artworks that they had planned to exhibit as part of the sh[Out] LGBT arts programme. In particular, this has affected the work of Spanish artist Dani Marti and his residency with Gay Mens’ Health.

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Experiments in Living: Monday 21st September

this evening is planned to coincide with the Glasgow Festival of DIY Culture and we’ll be showing some queer collective made films and hopefully a film about queer squatting too (check back for more info).

We start at 6pm with our “eat what you can find for free” cafe
Films start at 7pm

More info here

Experiments in Living

Monday 21st September: eat what you can find for free cafe and a programme of short films as part of Glasgow Festival of DIY Culture

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