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Bildwechsel Warszawa: Liberate bodies! – zine exhibition

When we talk about the oppression or discrimination of an individual or a group by other groups, we usually think about its legal and social aspects. Some individuals and / or groups happen to be excluded or forced to live by the rules that they did not create, but that tell them where they can exist, what they are allowed to do, who they are or can become, and what their bodies are for. Second wave feminists defined private as political and noticed the connection between power and a human body. Until today liberation movements have been trying to emancipate bodies from social and political control, in order to give them back to theirs owners. Health, reproductive rights, sexuality and the right to autonomy of any person are the topics where the female body is still a battlefield.

The zine exhibition presented by Bildwechsel Warszawa focuses on this battle and attempts to liberate bodies from definitions and the control of other people. At the exhibition you will find underground press created in women’s and alternative movements on topics like: sexual violence, rape, abortion, children’s upbringing, transsexuality, transgender and health.

The zines will be available during the Days of Reproductive Justice in Warsaw , Oct. 24-25th at UFA (Al.Solidarnosci 82)

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The Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Hamburg and Bildwechsel proudly present: The Chubsters!

Charlotte Cooper is a Journalist, Author, Activist, Academic and boss of the Chubsters – a radical queer girl gang.  Meet Charlotte and her gang, flown in from London to present an extraordinary evening of fat queer films, stories and actions.

date: October 24th, 2009, 8:15 pm, B-Movie, Brigittenstr. 5, Hamburg

For more information about the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Hamburg check out their website:

info from ilovebildwechsel

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new issue of qunst.mag now out


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