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Artists Films from the Bildwechsel archives
at sh[out]: LGBTI Contemporary Art and Human Rights
Gallery Two, GoMA
16th November 2009 to 17th January 2010

The Ideal Studio:  Sus Zwick, Muda Mathis and Fraenzi Madoerin

16’, 2004 Video DV
The video deals with making art out of the immediate and close at hand, as home sweet home can serve as fireworks for perception, as hideaway for desire, love and sex and the backyard garden for everything utopian and ideal. The authors themselves give a tour through the image events and ask themselves: Where are we coming from? Where are we going? And. What are we doing here?
Artistic Statement: We work in the media of video, installation (video, sound, light, photography), performance and music. The various fields of these different media and themes influence and interact with each other. We work as a pair, alone, in changing formations and with Les Reines Prochaines. We are inspired by the physical and philosophical, the everyday, the mythological, the absurd, as well as cultural history.
Websites: Muda Mathis and Sus Zwick; Les Reines Prochaines

The Thing: Anca Daucikova
Slovakia, 2’11”, 2002

A King Is Born: Margaret Reeves
UK, 3mins, 1999
“Introducing Travis T. An honest and revealing look at the creation of a Drag ‘King’. Filmed in one room and on a minimal budget, we are shown a candid portrait of one woman’s journey towards manhood.” 45th Cork Film Festival programme

My Heart The Rock Star: Nikki Forrest
1’40”, DV, 2000, Canada
Original music, voice-over and soundtrack: Nikki Forrest  Original format: Mini DV / NTSC
My Heart The Rock Star is a short experimental video about teenage identification with rock icon (Patti Smith.) Identification in this case is seen as a form of resistance to social constraints and the space of radical openness represented by the female Rock Star offers multiple lines of flight for the imagination of the young fan.  Produced as part of the “My Heart…” collaborative series by Nikki Forrest, Nelson Henricks and Annie Martin. The artists wish to thank “The Canada Council for The Arts” and “The Conseil des art et des lettres du Quebec” for their support.

STATIC:  Nikki Forrest
7 minutes, black and white / stereo sound / 1995
A series of dreamlike images evoke the shifting, permeable line between public and private space. Queer identity continuously disintegrates and reconfigures against the background noise of homophobia. The images move from the inner space of dreams through intimate domestic scenes, out onto the public spaces of subway stations and street corners and finally to the city skyline seen from across a body of water.

Darling Nikki: Barbara Naegelin (with thanks to Prince)
single-channel-video, 1’46”, 2001, Switzerland
A music-clip and a grubby homevideo. There is a minimal setting: a chair in a corner of an appartment, an androgynous outfit and a cd-player. An uncombed protagonist figures a sexy popstar and sings along the song of Prince. In a slightly acclerated mode the person lets herself go into a self-ironic teenage-phantasy. (probably an anticipation of a youtube-fantasy)

19x Barefoot: Christoph Oertli
7:30 min, 2002, single channel video, SD Pal
In this piece the performer is linked with a mobile camera via a nylon thread. Each of his gestures pulls the camera sideways and animates his image. A strange dance develops which throws the performer off-centre or even out of sight. His appearance on stage is undermined by his own effort. Each impulse to act threatens his position in the spotlight. Performer: Christoph Oertli

At The River: Joanna Nawracaj and Eva Kietzmann
3 mins, Warsaw, 2008
Website: Eva Keitzmann

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