“VALIE PLUS – pocket archive”

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-Dedicated to shifting Images. I love Bildwechsel-

“VALIE PLUS- Pocket Archive is intended to be an on-going series placing its interest within film, video and performance focusing on queer and feminist perspectives, representations and viewpoints.
In the “Pocket Archive” we will “export” films and videos of international artists and filmmakers to Berlin. These will be selected from the 7000+ films and videos held in the archive of Bildwechsel in Hamburg, an umbrella organisation for Women+/Media/Culture… We’re always looking for new entries, so bring your videos/films with you!


Sunday, 29.11
VALIE PLUS-pocket archive:

16:00 h Pocket Archive:

Exploring together the “Performance Saga”by Andrea Saemann, Katrin Grögel and Chris Regn.
“Performance Saga” is an interview collection with female Pioneers of Performance art.(Valie Export,Esther Ferrer,Martha Rosler,Carolee Schneemann, Monika Günther, Ulrike Rosenbach Joan Jonas, Martha Rosler, Alison Knowles..)
Entrance: Donations

20:00 h Welcome-Screening + Performance:

Artists: Hanna Bergfors, Vika Kirschenbauer, Nina Lassila, Anna Berger, Anna Daučíková
Live Performance: Melody Panosiansaki and Hanna Strandberg
Entrance: 1-5 € (self-assessment)

More details on:

Sputnik Kino,
Hasenheide 54, 3rd Courtyard  5Th floor
(or access on  Körtestr. 15-17, 1st.Courtyard),
U7 Südstern oder U7 / U8 Hermannplatz

hosted by:
Manuela Schininá und Eva Kietzmann (for Bildwechsel Berlin)


Thanks to:
All artists invited , Bildwechsel, Sputnik Kino, Kerstin Wennberg

—————> In collaboration with:
Bildwechsel Hamburg: http://www.bildwechsel.org/
Bildwechsel Berlin: http://www.bildwechselberlin.wordpress.com/

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