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Qunst.mag #6 – Movement

The sixth issue of of Bildwechsels e-zine ‘qunst.mag’ is ready to be downloaded at: Qunst.mag is created by members of Bildwechsel and the contributing artists. Our aim is to provide a platform for queer feminist artists working in various media.

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jam packed and fabulous

7th February, in Berlin: a benefit evening for Bildwechsel, and for our and your amusement!

Bildwechsel/Galerie Broll, Les Reines Prochaines and Evi, Nic and C hosted an evening of performance miniatures with shine and fire, an intense and wild evening at the Lido.

hey what a jam packed and fabulous evening that was!

Evi, Nic and C are a beautiful inventive performance group … and they can make almost anything out of carboard: there were butterflies and helicopters, a full swing band, ice cream… they sang, they rapped, told limericks, moved and danced (the moment i have photos i will upload them). you’ll be amazed.

Les Reines Prochaines are a feminist, performance art band and a joy to behold and hear – check out the website!  ah the energy and the fun. thanks thanks to Les Reines Prochaines.

…. and there was magic, and art acrobatics, sweet songs and swing songs and a birthday song, performances galore, and a stage full of chickens.

Thanks to:
On the stage: Steffi Weismann (99-Cent-Solo), hey-yo-sister-yeah (Band Tanya), Barbara Loreck (Voll im Bilde), Zirka Trollop (die trapezkuenstlerin), Les Poules Prochaines, Viktoriya Levenko, Gisela Hochuli (Black – magic performance), Berlin Femme Mafia, Evi, Nic and C, Les Reines Prochaines
After the stage: the Love Couriers and the folks in charge of the tin-can-bowling
Back stage and front of house: back stage manager, stage hand, front of house and all the people who helped out and made props and cooked food

Happy 30th Birthday Bildwechesel

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Mittwoch, 03. Februar 2010 10:52

A benefit evening for Bildwechsel and for our and your amusement Bildwechsel/Galerie Boll, Les Reines Prochaines and Evi, Nic and C invite you for an evening of performance miniatures with shine and fire, an intense and wild evening at the Lido. Cabarett with Les Reines Prochaines/Evi, Nic and C and guests.

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