“how do you do” – global queer video notes

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We are looking for video letters and postcards

How you are doing and what’s going on?

We’d love to hear from you!

It might be about what life is like for you right now, being a queer / artist / activist / cultural worker / renegade / adventurer / thinker and doer, about the things you find currently relevant. We want to know what’s going on with you and where you’re at.

See the full Call for videos here: http://www.ilovebildwechsel.org/?p=973


the link above is to the original call but the project has developed a bit further and so now:

The deadline has changed as there are now two screenings: the first will be in bildwechsel in hamburg as part of our contribution to the lesbian and gay film festival (so aim to get your work to us in good time for the 16th October – two weeks before or *asap* would be great); but if you cant make it for then then aim for late november for the screening we plan for the bildwechsel birthday in december. and if not then – then send it as and when – cos we always want to know what’s going on for the folks we are in contact with. but whatever you do – get in contact.

We hope to then make a compilation dvd of all the contributions and send every contributor their own copy

If you read over the Call and think of other people it would be good to hear from please send it on to them, or let us know

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Cabaret and Dance – a benefit evening for Bildwechsel How Do You Do? Global queer video notes

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