bildwechsel presents a swarm-viewing – at hamburg LA*D.I.Y_fest

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swarm viewing DIY{another one for hamburg 🙂 – we’d really love to do some swarm viewings in Glasgow too but we are a little short on personal dvd players: if you’ve got any that need a new home?? would be great}

sunday, the 14th september 2pm – 6:00 p.m.
at villa magdalena k. / hamburg: bernstorffstr. 160a


bildwechsel always tries to provide limelight for the wonderful films/videos that are in the collections in the bildwechsel archives (since 1979!!)

we know that every video/film wants to be seen – and so for a swarmviewing we bring a collection of films and videos that are related to one another ­ by theme, or approach, or time, or place – in this case the theme is d.i.y.

the videos/films are presented together yet individually -so the people who visit the swarm-event can pick up a personal dvd player then, singly or in small groups, view the films in their own concentrated time, picking each film up and returning them to a central location where we are on hand to introduce the works one by one. it¹s a format we’ve experimented with already and it works really well – people swap films with one another and it seems to encourage people to discuss and engage with the work, and creates a really lovely filmrespecting atmosphere.

please feel invited to come along – and always invited too to bring your own videos for the archives

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swarm viewing garden films, 31st august in hamburg the Call for Submissions is now OPEN for GLITCH

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