Call: Swarm Viewing at Les Complices* in Zurich

December 18, 2017 at 10:50 am

Bildwechsel’s next Swarm Viewing will take place at Les Complices* in Zurich.

“Both the winter and the current political situation beg us to feed our
ideas and utopias with old and new impressions. Getting together,
exchanging ideas and letting the mind wander: with films and videos!
For the Swarm Viewing in Zurich, we are selecting both old and new gems
and pearls from the bildwechsel archives… and hopefully jewels
currently slumbering in your mind or on your computer will help fill our
treasure chest of hope. The darkness is long these days and a three
minute video can be quickly produced…”

Deadline for submissions: 14th January 2018

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