Women’s Peace Camps film afternoon

May 20, 2018 at 9:16 am

Joining in the #Spritof68 season with Cinema Up Collective  Radical Home Cinema, part of the Radical Film Network.

Bildwechsel Glasgow and Fourwalls (previously “women’s”) Housing Coop screened two great women’s peace camp films, at home

Every Woman Here: Remnants from Seneca – peace camp in South Carolina
Carry Greenham Home

We had songsheets and singing in the garden, tea and coffee and beer and food intervals, and the films screened at the very top of the building and at the botttom.

We had our singing workshop in the break between Seneca and Greenham so the audience had an impromptu sing-a-long You Can’t Kill The Spirit! and more fun



watching Every Woman Here Remnants of Seneca in Fourwalls for #Spiritof68 with Cinema Up Collective part of radical Home Cinema

photo: Cinema Up Collective

Carry Greenham Home in t he basement meeting room at fourwalls

photo: Cinema Up Collective

singing some greenham and peace camp songs inthe gardenphoto: Cinema Up Collective

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