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bildwechsel glasgow screening @ cca, 16th May 7.30pm


Ganz Oben – On the top E+T, 2 min, 1997, Hamburg, Germany
Ewjenia Tsanana runs up a stairway, takes off her T-shirt and shows – now really close to the sky – what on the top
can mean for breasts.


Welke Und Blume, Lou Sturm and Wiltrut Cordes, 13 min, 2005, Hamburg
experimental dance-film. lou and wiltrut are dancers-performers from hamburg who have worked
together several times. In this piece they present the result of a long debate about “to live and to die in the same moment.” camera: annuschka thomas-reck


Jean & Jane – Janine Sack in co-operation with Henner Winckler, Hamburg, 3:30 min, 16 mm, 1997
A woman and a man get ready to go out. As they perform the various activities of dressing, shaving or putting on make-up they become more and more images of gender stereotypes.

Ahoi Ohé, Isabel Obrecht, 4:27, 2006
A nautically themed musical performance – Ahoy!

The Garden Films, heldin_der_abgrenzung, 2:12 min, 2006, Hamburg, Germany
the garden films came into being in the garden of my sister. i was very bored there and asked myself „what i’m searching for
here?“. They were produced for the bildwechsel „gardenhouse trienale“ 2006

Charaker X…, Nkid, 1:12 min, 2004, Cologne Germany
CX appropriates power via language and in this CX becomes a critic to the normative thinking of gender. CX could be a technobody, a virus or a copy of digital picture collage who is squatting your monitor.

Me and Mrs Jones, Claudia Zoller, 5min, 1994, Berlin
….a loveletter to my “mrs. jones”. Originally filmed on S8.

Der Park, Regina Assmann, 2:30min, 1994, Berlin
Experimental video animation.

Heldinnen Der Liebe (Heroes of Love), Nathalie Parcellier and Lily Besilly, 10min, 1996
During the war between France and Germany, a German and a French soldier get lost in the forest and find each other. Music: Les Reines Prochaines

When It Came To It, Margaret Reeves, Glasgow, 3:24min, 1995
A short film shot on super8, suggested by a poem by Clare Cochrane; featuring Sandy Nelson; poem read by Colin McLaren; music by Helen Reeves

A free but ticketed event – get your tickets at the cca box office: Tel. 0141 352 4900. cca, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

More info about bildwechsel at and about the bildwechsel base in Glasgow at – other bases in basel, warsaw, budapest, berlin, nurnberg



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